Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Lovely Email
we received
from the Newly Married
Rebecca and Brendan:

Hello Arowhon Staff!

Brendan and I just wanted to thank you all profusely for what a beautiful job you did, and for making our wedding day so special. From the moment we arrived we felt totally taken care of. Even the little things that we had overlooked, you were so quick to help us out with. We could not have asked for a more perfect day. My Mom put it best when she commented that, "Here we feel that people come before material goods. Everyone is so helpful and personable. It's so nice to see." My husband's parents were skeptical about staying and so chose to spend the night at their nearby cottage, but after dinner quickly decided to return for lunch the following day, and now they would not hesitate to come back and spend a weekend.

You not only gave us a great wedding day, we now have the perfect anniversary/family reunion/just because spot. THANK YOU!!!

We have included some pictures of the day - thank you so much for making our day so perfect.

We can't wait to be back!

Rebecca and Brendan

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