Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Carve an Artsy Pumpkin

There are artists, like Jenna in our dining room, who carved the spectacular howling wolf below, who work only from memory.

Most of us find a template (you can download from  Choose one with pronounced light and dark areas - they are easiest. Tape or tack the image (blow it up to the actual size with a photocopier) right onto the pumpkin.

Transfer the outline onto the pumpkin, using an exacto knife to lightly trace.

Start at the bottom and work up, so the juice does not soak your image which would make it harder to cut through.

Once the outline is done, shave off the lighter areas with the exacto knife, being very careful not to cut though the flesh.

It's easier to do this before emptying the seeds, as this makes the pumpkin much more sturdier to work with.

When you are ready to remove the seeds, cut a hole through the bottom and remove the seeds, so that you can light it up from underneath with a low energy light bulb (which does not produce heat).

Store it in the fridge when not displaying it - in that way, it might last you up to one month.

Send us a picture of your artsy pumpkin.

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