Friday, April 18, 2014



In March, I traveled with my family to Mexico, to the 
Michoacan province to see the El Rosario monarch 
butterfly sanctuary high in the mountains, and to the 
Yucatan, for the seaside and Mayan culture. Enjoying 
meals at the outdoor markets was our favorite thing to
do. It was wonderful to see families engaged in food 
preparation at all levels and the passion with which 
they cooked. 

In Michoacan, we enjoyed delicious clear mushroom
soup, pork cutlets with crackling, fried cactus, and a 
variety of stewed beef and pork dishes, all served with 
fresh tortillas and various salsas depending on mom's 
recipe. In the Yucatan, there was delicious chicken, 
lime and tortilla soup, fresh fried fish, crisp tacos with 
turkey, and my favorite - slow roasted pork, cooked 
wrapped in banana leaves in a charcoal pit, served with 
bread or fresh tortillas and pickled onions. Food was 
celebrated on every corner! 

So inspired, back in Canada, we’re testing recipes for 
our own corn tortillas, soups, and tacos! Ola!
                                                                                                                                                      David Cooke

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