Friday, June 22, 2012

New York City - Algonquin Park

We don’t get many guests who walk in “off the street”.  But these two guests were amazing!

Heiko Schreiber and his son Bennet from Bayreuth, Germany drove 10 hours straight from NYC (in their gorgeous Ford Mustang rental) because they wanted to see "a little bit of nature". 

We did not disappoint them.  Although they only had a night to spare, they rose earlty (5 AM!) and saw the mist on the lake and a moose feeding on the shoreline.  After a hearty breakfast in the dining room, they explored more of the surrounding area (I do think they took a mid-morning nap)...

We were very sad to see them leave - another 10 hours to New York!  So when you think that a three hour drive from Toronto is too long to have a midweek-getaway, just remember the two of them!  

Here are some photos from their stay. Thank you Heiko and Bennet - we hope to see you both again!

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