Sunday, June 17, 2012

Photos from Spring

Some photos from Arowhon Pines

Painted Turtles on our grounds:
While it is known that the survival rate of Painted Turtles is very high what is unknown is how long they will live. It is theorized that Painted Turtles may live up to 300 years and some of the turtles in the Algonqui Park study ponds could be easily a 100 years or more. To date, no reliable method of aging turtles has been developed. The only known method is to mark hatchling turtles as they emerge from the nest - the Park researchers are doing that now. 
You can talk to them near Wolf Howl Pond.

New appetizers and entrees
are coming out of our kitchen daily!

Renovations continue in the cabins.....

New bathroom renovations in our larger cabins.....

The view from your table in the dining room....

A cozy room in our larger cabins

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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