Monday, June 3, 2013

We're Open for the Season!

We're Officially Open!

Despite a road washout (that was fixed in time), a delivery truck that broke down, and a 10 minute afternoon storm that produced a 20 hour hydro outage - we had a wonderful opening weekend!

There were guests from Holland and Switzerland, a couple of small retreats and get togethers and guests just enjoying the peace and quiet. There were three brave swimmers, one kayak upset and lots of moose sightings.

Congratulations to BRUCE TATE from Ottawa who won our draw for a SPRING weekend getaway for two! We look forward to welcoming him! 

Thank you to all you entered - it was surprisingly quite popular and we are thinking of doing it again during the season. Stay tuned!

The correct answers to the spring contest were:

1. Moccasin Flower

2. Turtle Eggs - Painted Turrtle (oval) and Snapping turtle (round)

3.  Moose

 4. Polyphemus Moth

5. Luna Moth

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