Friday, July 30, 2010

The Perseids are coming! The Perseids are coming!

The Perseids are coming! The Perseids are coming!  (August 12-15)

The Perseids are the most famous of all meteor showers! This year, due to its summertime appearance, and the timing of the new moon which will make the night sky at Arowhon appear even darker – the show should be exceptional! We anticipate 50-80 meteors an hour to be on display overhead. All you have to do is pull up a chair on the beach, look up and be amazed - bring a glass of wine!

Bart Tecter, a highly educated and extremely well equipped amateur Astronomer will be joining us on Friday and Saturday nights giving a tour of the night sky. He will be setting up an impressive list of stargazing equipment including a “MallinCam’ which is able to show live views of deep space objects like Spiral Galaxies, Nebula and Star Clusters – in colour! Your jaw will drop when you see what views his Telescope will provide! During the day Bart will set up a telescope equipped with a solar filter so that we can look safely at the Sun, which is probably the most fascinating object in our universe.

All in all it will be a very exciting weekend to be at the Pines.

There is still space available if you are looking for some time away from the city lights!

Fishing with Frank!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Match Made In Heaven

 I’ve just returned from the inaugural “Yoga Weekend” at Arowhon. By the end of the three days I felt as though my body had gently been taken away from me to be replaced by a new, younger, more relaxed one.

Amber Morphy, the yoga instructor was a master at describing the asanas (positions) with step by step with personal directions to those (like me) who were new to Yoga while showing the experienced members of our group how to extend their bodies (literally) into positions I can only imagine being in. Even after three one hour sessions a day for three days, Amber was still coming up with new asanas to keep to keep me interested.

I always come back from my trips to Arowhon relaxed and filled to the brim with the Algonquin spirit, but coming back from the Yoga retreat added a new dimension to my mind/body experience, one that I will not hesitate to repeat should this dynamic combination be offered again.

Thank you to Arowhon for providing the setting and impeccable service.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Arowhon Loon nesting

Here is a lovely photo of our Loon nesting.
Thank you to Mrs Bernice Hill and her husband for this lovely shot.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

This Weekend is what running a summer resort is all about!

What a gorgeous Saturday of the Canada Day Long Weekend!

Walking to work this morning, I saw a dozen people from our first Yoga Group stretching on the main dock. 
Jeff, the organizer from Wolf Den Expeditions ( along with the yoga instructor Amber and the massage therapist, Shaunna - are getting rave reviews.  Some of our own guests are taking part in morning and evening yoga sessions.

After breakfast, our fleet of canoes, kayaks and sailboats were out on the lake!  What a sight!

Many guests ordered picnic lunches and are planning to paddle to Tom Thompson or Burnt Island Lake. 

Our group of German reporters took in the Germany-Argentina football game in the TV Room.

Frank Kuaick took a lovely couple out fishing for the day. 

Some guests are just relaxing and reading in the sun!

Welcome to summer in Algonquin Park!