Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wolf Den Expeditions - June Newsletter

Summer is finally here, the kids are almost done school and its time to start thinking about summer vacation yahoooo!!!

If you are into yoga and love being in the outdoors, then our Algonquin Yoga Retreat at Arowhon Pines Resort is just for you. Though time is running out for registration. So hop on board!! The registration deadline is June 30!! click here for more

We also have another fantastic line up of canoe and sea kayaking trips for this season. New for this year is our Girls Weekend packages for both canoeing and kayaking. These trips are just for the girls. So leave the men behind and kick up your heels!! We are also offering great trip packages for Fathers and Sons for great canoeing and kayaking experience. What better way to correct than to paddle through Algonquin park with your son/dad and hang out around the campfire together.

If you would like to add a bit of luxury and fine dining to your Algonquin experience. Come and check out our deluxe Algonquin canoe trip packages. We are partnered with a fabulous resort in Algonquin park, Arowhon Pines Resort. They are right on the shores of Joe lake with a fantastic view. Their food is to die for, especially their desserts. So if you would like to spend your first and last night of your Algonquin canoe trip in the lap of luxury sign up quick, dates are going fast!

Have you always wanted to go on an interior camping trip, but just don't know where to start or feel that your skills are not quite up to the task? The Canoe Tripping Level 1-2 is a great place to kick off your interior camping career. The course focuses on building your camping skills, navigation, food packing, wilderness cooking, route planning, and how to do it all safely. By the end of the course you will come away having more confidence in your abilities, new skill sets, and an ORCKA Basic Canoeing Level 1-3 certification. Check it out!!

We are also offering a Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 1 course July 16 - 17 located at the Harbour Front in Toronto. If you would like to expand on your kayaking skills and continue building your confidence for paddling out on open water register today!!

For further details on all of our trip packages and course, check out our website at:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Attention all Artists! More Details TONY BIANCO ART WORKSHOP

Tony Bianco, Artist (
Arowhon Pines Resort, Algonquin Park (
Algonquin Art Centre, Algonquin Park (

A Day and Evening with Artist Tony Bianco

Wednesday, July 27
Thursday, August 25

Participants will spend a day and evening with artist Tony Bianco and a night at Arowhon Pines Resort in Algonquin Park.

Meet after breakfast at Arowhon Pines (10 AM)
Art class with Tony in the Morning on Location in Algonquin Park
Lunch at Arowhon Pines
Art Class with Tony in the afternoon on location. Guests hike or canoe there, or pontoon boat.
Dinner at Arowhon Pines
Tony to critique students’ work after dinner
OVERNIGHT at Arowhon Pines
Breakfast the next day
Enjoy the recreational facilities at Arowhon.

Cost: $ 540.00 All inclusive – accommodation for one night, three consecutive meals, use of all recreational facilities, art workshop, instructor, supplies and all taxes and service charges. Minimum 5 maximum of 12 participants. Should we exceed twelve, we will choose another date for a second group.

Look for information on an Advanced Art Class with Tony Bianco September 25 – 27, 2011.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beaver Drops in for Lunch!

A 1966 Dehavilland Turbo Beaver unexpectedly dropped in at lunchtime much to the delight of guests and staff.   Don't get any ideas!  These were MNR people, and they are the only ones permitted to land on our lakes.

The Turbo Beaver is the quentessential Canadian bush plane mostly used for cargo and passenger hauling and crop dusting.  The Beaver (all Dehavilland planes are named after animals, this one in particular named after the hard working beaver) was designed for flight in rugged and remote areas that are accesssible only by canoe or foot.

You will notice this particular plane docked at the Smoke Lake Hangar before turning onto the Arowhon Road.  It's a vital part of the emergency response system in Algonquin Park. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011


We love our perennial herb gardens! We especially love them in the spring when we pull off their blankets of hay (put down last fall to protect them from the harsh Algonquin winter) and can see tender, tasty new shoots popping up! There are chives, lavender for homemade ice cream, sorrel for soup, rhubarb, garlic and mint!

Next week we’ll be planting edible flowers for our salads - nasturtiums, marigolds, violets, pansies, violas and dahlias. Look for them by the old canoes near the kitchen.

In addition to our own gardens, our local farmers provide us with sprouts, fiddleheads, wild leeks, garlic, asparagus, strawberries and more!

Asparagus – the fresher and thicker they are, the sweeter they will taste. Steam for just a couple of minutes – al dente – and toss with a little butter and lemon juice. Enjoy!

Attention All Painters!

For Beginners and Serious Art Students! 

The Algonquin Art Centre and Artist Tony Bianco ( will be hosting two
"on location" overnight painting workshops at Arowhon Pines on

July 27th, 2011 and August 25th, 2011.

A more comprehensive three eday, two night art class will be held September 25 - 27, 2011.

Please contact us for details.

A Rare Wolf Sighting

We keep telling you - spring is the best time of year for wildlife viewing in the Park.

Last week the Eddy family from Buffalo, NY visited Arowhon Pines and Algonquin Park.  They tallied up an impressive checklist of animal sightings including a number of moose along Hwy 60.

By far, the biggest feather in their cap was their sighting of a lone, large Eastern Grey Wolf!  They spotted the wolf (we assume a male based on his size) around KM 50 just east of the Visitors Centre.  Truly incredible was that the wolf was very accommodating - letting Mr Eddy take this amazing photograph.

Thank you Eddy family and congratulations!  We look forward to seeing you next spring!

Speaking of wildlife, here are some other sightings:

The popular Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are here and it seems present in larger numbers than in recent summers. As long as our feeders are full of sweet sugar water, they'll continue to entertain us with their acrobatics!

Also the Snapping Turtles are making their way out of the water in search of food and nesting sites.  If you are travelling our way, please slow down - we've seen a half dozen on our road alone.

We hope you can visit!