Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Early September is one of our favourite times in the Park. The days are still warm for canoeing & swimming - and cool enough to light a fire. And...no bugs! Visit and enjoy this quieter time at Arowhon, especially mid-week. 

Summer turns to fall in the blink of an eye.  We've already seen very cool night time temperatures.  Many guests wait for the cool autumn to visit because of the spectacular show of fall colour from mid-September to mid-October. Fall midweek is usually quieter then weekends.
Arowhon Pines provides guests with a vehicle permit for all Park day use - access to all hiking trails, the Visitor's Centre, Logging Museum and Art Gallery.  You can order a packed lunch for the day and picnic along the Highway 60 Corridor or on one of the trails.  The best Park trails to see fall colour are:  Hardwood Lookout, Track & Tower, Centennial Ridges, Lookout and Booth's Rock (my favourite!).  You will be impressed with the Arowhon Road as you drive in!

There is a good chance of seeing a bull Moose in the fall with its antlers fully grown and ready for the rutting season.  You might hear howling wolves at night.

Please visit the Park website for fall foliage updates:  http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca/.

Arowhon Pines Room and Meal Rates decrease 10% in the fall - $242.00 per person per night including three meals starting September 5th.  No single supplements!

Thank you to Martha and Bill Cason for these photos from their Arowhon Pines staff in the fall of 2010.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Thank you to Mr & Mrs Ginsler who did some research on the noise that they heard a few weeks ago in the middle of the night at Arowhon Pines.  All the guests at the resort heard it again the other night, loud and clear!

Mrs Ginsler passed along a UTUBE video which captures the sound. Very eerie.  It seems like it is either a fox in distress or a male fox mating call.

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cPg7_nyoBc&feature=related
(the video quality it not great, but the sound is perfect)

Thanks again Mrs Ginsler!  See you next year!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Please Support Our Local Farmers!

Please Support Our Local Farmers:

Brooklands Farm

Sprucedale Meats
705 685-7747

Grenville farms
705 689-6431

Pork of yore

Edible Fungi
705 789-5850

Milford Bay Trout Farm
705 764-1797

Kawartha dairy

The Farmers’ Daughter

Muskoka Coffee Roastery

Algonquin Honey
705 636-1883

Four Seasons Greens (sprout growers)
705 385-2987


Thank you to Savour Muskoka for their support:  http://www.savourmuskoka.ca/

100 Mile Challenge Barbecue Notes and Menu

Arowhon Pines
1st Annual Civic Holiday Monday
"100 mile challenge" Barbecue
All food is produced within 100 miles of the resort.

The 100 mile challenge is based on the food blog and book "The 100 mile diet" by James MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, and it has become a series on Food network Canada. The challenge is to create a menu or diet using only product from within 100 miles of your location.  the idea is to raise awareness that locally produced food is not only environmentally friendlier, but delicious as well!  Muskoka agriculture and forest products have sustained people in this area for a thousand years—we are all excited to continue that tradition.

The Menu:

Beverages:  Cedar Iced Tea, Rhubarb-ade (a hit!) and mint julip.
Muskoka summer salads:  New Potato & Radish, Broccoli with Mushroom,
Tomato & mixed herbs, Roasted beets with tarragon, Cucumber with dill, Coleslaw.
From the grill:
Chicken Skewers with Yoghurt
Baby back ribs
Marinated flank steak
Lamb & mint shish kebab
Hamburgers and sausages
Lake Huron Pickerel
Pulled shoulder of Berkshire pork
Grilled trout
Marinated & grilled vegetables
Vegetable Burgers
All herbs and spices are from our garden.

Desserts: Summer fruit, Butter tarts, Fudge, Squares & Berry tarts
all sweetened with honey, maple syrup or stevia from our garden
Housemade ice creams: Lavender, Plum & Raspberry Ripple


The 100 mile challenge allows for some cheating. Here are our cheats: 
*  tomatoes & some other fruits come from Bradford, Ontario, outside our limit. These fruits aren’t quite ripe yet in Muskoka due to a very wet spring.
*  flour used in the desserts and the ice cream cones were milled in Ontario but not within 100 miles
*  Muskoka coffee roastery in Huntsville roasted the beans, which came from 100% Rainforest alliance certified farms in central and south America.
*  salt, white sugar and sweet n low for coffee, tea

Civic Holiday Barbecue! A Wonderful Afternoon Enjoyed by All!

What a fabulous day!
To us it felt like a lovely afternoon garden party with family and friends
rather then a busy barbecue for 160 people!
Thank you to each and every guest who attended, new and old,
and our local farmers who came out to participate.
For all of those who missed out, we're already thinking of new ideas - how about
a food, music and art fair in Algonquin Park!
See you next year!

Photos by Donna Cooke