Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Arowhon Pines Video

Watch our new Arowhon Pines promotional video!

Regular guests will recognize some familiar faces and places.

If you haven't been, this will give you a little taste of what we are all about.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pictures from Arowhon After Close

It's not the same without you!

We miss you!

Arowhon Staff Thanksgiving

On Monday Night, the Arowhon staff celebrated Thanksgiving with a feast in the dining room followed by a night on the town.  Although we had a start date of 1 pm the next day, there was one bellman who absolutely could not make it to work!  Thank you Arowhon staff for a wonderful season!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow, we’ll be closing the gates after another season.  It’s a good time to count our blessings.

Thank you beautiful Algonquin Park.
Thank you Little Joe Lake sunrises, mists and sunsets.
Thank you for the chance encounters with all the wildlife - moose, beavers, otters, fox, the birth and rearing of the family of loons, fall grey jays eating from our hands, turtles and herons.
Thank you hummingbirds on the verandah.
Thank you monarch butterfly whom we watched magically transfigure from a little blue caterpillar.   
Thank you staff – always, polite, gracious, hardworking and caring – who genuinely loved being here.  We could not have asked for a better group of men and women.
Finally, thank you to the best guests in the world.  We hope that you know that you are more than just part of our business.  Many of you take the time to tell us how we can improve and share your thoughts and ideas.  You are great huggers, and as happy as we are to catch up with you when you arrive, we are equally as sad to see you leave.  Thank you.  Until next season…..

                                             Happy Thanksgiving Day!
                                                                                         With love, Arowhon Pines 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nothing doing for Thanksgiving Weekend? 

We still have a couple of rooms left and welcome you to celebrate our last weekend of the season in Algonquin Park. 

The chefs will be cooking up a feast! The weather forecast says clear, sunny and warm - perfect for the last canoe trip of the season or a big hike on the orange trail. 

Hope to see you!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Photos from Yesterday and Today

The mornings are chilly, misty and glorious.  Daytime, it has been sunny, with temperatures climbing to 22 degrees this week.  The autumn colours are peaking!  There are still some rooms available mid-week this week and next.  Hope to see you before the season's end.  Bring your camera - you'll be taking a thousand pictures!


Friday, September 20, 2013


We love fall in Algonquin Park.  The daytime temperature is cool with plenty of sunshine, perfect for hiking and canoeing to view the spectacular autumn colours.  At night there’s a definite chill in the air, a time to relax by the fireplace with a good book or play a game of Scrabble with a friend.  

Unplug from your daily grind and enjoy a relaxing vacation with no internet and no cell phone service.  Rates are $ 254 per person per night and include accommodation in rooms in log cabins, three meals per day and use of all recreational facilities.  Canoe, kayak, hike, play tennis, relax.  Your stay includes a pass to explore Algonquin Park

There are a few rooms still available on Thanksgiving Weekend. We’ll be serving both a traditional and contemporary menu all weekend long.  Celebrate our last weekend of the season!
Hwy 60 this morning - September 20

Arowhon Road this morning!

Just before the resort....

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Great Blue Heron

A friendly Great Blue Heron has been visiting with us for the past few days.  This morning, guests saw him on the swim raft with his mouth open, hoping (they figured) for some leftovers from the nearby mother loon who was feeding her young.  This afternoon the heron was in the creek by Birchview standing perfectly still in the water waiting for a fish or frog.      

We found out that the Great Blue is the largest heron in North America.  Although mostly gray-blue in colour, they have yellow eyes, greenish legs and a white head.  A black stripe marks each side of its head and there are some shaggy black plumes that stick out from its back. Females look like males but are smaller.  When flying, herons usually hold their neck in an “S” curve. 

Although not that time yet, despite last night’s dip to minus 3 degrees C (a definite eye opener!) - most of our herons will head south to Mexico or Cuba once the water begins to freeze.  

Here's hoping that he stays just a little bit longer.....

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Breakfast at Arowhon Pines

This morning in Algonquin is sunny and gorgeous with mist on the lake.  Equally gorgeous is our chef's breakfast specials' of Poached Eggs on a bed of spinach and Banana Orange Waffles.  We shall be enjoying the day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lillian's Butterfly Garden and Monarch Waystation, Arowhon Pines

Lillian’s Butterfly Garden & Monarch Waystation
Arowhon Pines

There is an incredible story that was made into a BBC documentary called “Four Wings and a Prayer“.  The story documents the fascinating migration journey of the monarch butterfly from Canada to Mexico and back again – truly one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.  Unfortunately, the migration is threatened by habitat loss in North America, hence the need for way stations and tagging programs, places that provide the resources necessary for monarchs to produce successive generations and sustain their migration. 

So inspired, we decided to register Arowhon Pines as a Monarch Butterfly Way Station.  We were lucky to already have on our grounds milkweed and nectar sources for monarch caterpillars, larvae and adults.  Besides milkweed, other native perennials include bee balm, black-eyed Susans, goldenrod, Joe-Pye weed, asters, phlox, coneflowers, sedum, violets and more.  We’ve also added attractive annual plants that provide them with energy for their long journey - cosmos, floss flowers, marigolds, lantana, sunflowers, pentas, salvia, sweet William, verbena and zinnia.  

Arowhon has always followed common sense sustainable garden practices such as thinning, removing dead stalks by hand, using natural compost for fertilization, watering, and of course, we’ve never used pesticides or herbicides!  You will find natural areas around the grounds, free from mowing.  

Rest assured that as we research more and more, our gardens will become bigger, bolder and more beautiful!   Please visit all the grounds, but especially the sunny area in the meadow above the tennis courts. 

The most exciting part of all is that in the months of August and September we can start netting and tagging the migrating monarchs on our grounds.  Simply put, when our butterfly reaches Mexico, the data on the tag will be input and we will be sent an email message telling us that they’ve arrived!

We are committed to conserving and protecting milkweed/monarch habitats.  We hope that you and your family will participate as this project grows.

We would like to thank Donna Cooke for inspiring us to get involved and all her hard work in putting the gardens together.

Links for more information:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada

Happy Canada Day
With Love From Algonquin Park

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First Barbecue of the Season!

Barbecue Menu
Arowhon Pines
June 26th, 2013
A selection of summer salads
From the Grill:
Baby Back Ribs
Lamb Spare Ribs
Flank Steak
Chicken Tikka and Satay
Shrimp and Scallop Brochette
Chick Pea Veggie Burger
Summer Vegetables
Pineapple and Banana in Szechewan
Finger Desserts
Ice Cream Cones
Fresh Fruit
Ladies from Limberlost Road

The Dessert Buffet

Chef on the Grill

 Chicken Skewers

The Stringer Family - Vancouver, Toronto and Vegas! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Turtle Fencing in Algonquin Park

Research in Algonquin Park has shown that PAINTED TURTLES living close to Highway 60 have a 30% greater chance of being killed when compared to Painted Turtles living away from the vehicle traffic of Highway 60.

Turtle fencing has been put up along Highway 60 right up to our door.  This will hopefully prevent many female turtles, who like to nest in the sand and gravel, from being hit by cars.

We have read that in Algonquin Park and elsewhere in Ontario the snapping turtle population is in decline.

We had the pleasure of watching one snapping turtle dig a hole then lay her eggs in the sand at the Crossroads last week. 

Here she is in all her glory!